My Philosophy in Practice

As a naturopathic doctor, my treatment protocols use the fundamental principles of Naturopathic Medicine. With extensive training in pathology, clinical and lab diagnosis, mind-body medicine, pharmacognosy and pharmacology, my patients get a complete integrative approach to their health care needs, ensuring they have a safe place to heal and be heard. Since a treatment protocol for one individual may not necessarily work for another, there is no standard treatment regimen in my practice. Everyone is unique and complex. Not only may health issues be related to present symptoms and emotional stressors, but family history, past medical history, diet and lifestyle choices, all can be contributing factors. It is my ultimate goal to address and treat the underlying cause of a patient’s imbalanced health. I will always do my best to help an individual gain a full understanding of their overall health picture, to be empowered with tools and knowledge necessary to maintain good health, and prevent recurrence or future illness.
I truly value when a patient chooses to work with me to improve their health, especially during this current economic climate. Their time spent with me will be time focused on that individual and their chief health concerns. Rarely do I spend less than 30 minutes with a patient, but always strive to spend exactly how much time that is necessary to thoroughly address their health challenges.

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What is Discover Health SF?

I will take an integrative medical approach to your health. My philosophy in practice is to merge naturopathic and conventional medicine — it is truly about holistic health care. My treatment plans carefully blend natural therapies and evidence-based, medical science, to treat and prevent chronic disease.

Dr. Youngren is a graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.

She completed a two-year clinical internship that included all naturopathic modalities and a one-year specialty residency in General & Environmental Medicine.