Spring Cleaning – Benefits of Doing a Cleanse

It’s that time of year. The trees begin to bud, flowers begin to bloom, and birds begin to chirp, and it’s a perfect time for that annual spring cleaning. Throughout the home you organize and declutter closets and cabinets and sweep, dust, and wash all floors, walls, and windows. Putting it simply, you’re clearing out all the debris that has accumulated during the winter months. Much like our home our bodies also need a good cleaning or cleansing and springtime is the perfect time to shed those winter blahs.
Typically during the winter months, we naturally move less and eat more, especially in colder climates. We eat comfort foods, foods higher in fat, or foods that “stick to our ribs” and help us keep on weight, all of which seems to help us better manage the colder temperatures. We are also less active and tend to sleep more just by naturally following the circadian cycle of the day, shorter days or less daylight and more darkness. The body and all the cells throughout the body are in a state of hibernation and participating in a cleanse will reset the internal clock, shifting your body into a more optimal state of cellular turn over.
Participating in an annual detoxification program is a time to rejuvenate, renew, and recharge your life. By participating in a cleanse you can give your organs of elimination, like the liver, kidneys, and GI tract the rest they need to work more optimally. I typically recommend to my patients that doing a cleanse at least two times a year (New Year, Spring and Fall) is best. Benefits of doing a cleanse include improve skin conditions, and digestion, increase in energy and improvement in sleep, enhance immune, neurological, and endocrine system function, reduce inflammation, weight loss, and much more.
What is detoxification?
And not all toxins are safely removed and not all things that we become exposed to our toxic until we break them down, and the by-products of those substances are more toxic than what we started with. This occurs when we have low anti-oxidant status or nutrient deficiencies and a high body burden or chronic exposure.
Why should we detox?

  • Lower your body burden
  • Optimize detoxification and elimination systems by retraining our internal organs and give them a chance to rest and repair
  • Enhance cellular function, which will allow you to mobilize and better remove internal waste (toxins) and improve energy production
  • Enhance body tissue to better able to get rid of toxins that have built up
  • Reduce internal inflammation and improve external skin quality
  • Improve circulation and enhance movement of lymph system
  • Improve immune response
  • Minimize symptoms and feel better

The importance of safely detoxifying your body comes with working with a practitioner trained in nutrition and detoxification, ensuring you are a good candidate to undergo such a program. Too many times I hear about individuals who undergo a detox/cleanse program, like “Detox in a Box” with no medical guidance, but did one because they heard about it on a talk show or read about it on line or had a sister or good friend just complete one. The importance of getting proper guidance and working with a practitioner (at least the first time) will make sure that you qualify to participate. Typically that entails completing a Health Assessment, undergoing any relevant physical exams, and running any necessary blood work (eg. CBC, CMP). It is not always mandatory to run blood work, but certain diseases like Type 1 Diabetes needs to be thoroughly understood before participating in certain cleansing/detox programs, as well as those who suffer from GERD or have certain food allergies. A well-trained clinician will be able to guide anyone through a detox/cleanse program and that you are safely being monitored.
If completing a 21-Day Cleanse sounds like something that you or someone you know would benefit from, feel free to contact the office to learn more. Group cleanses and discounted package prices are available in the spring and fall.

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